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NBP launches competition to develop a concept for the its Money Centre

Date: 10-11-2010

Design your own educational trip

The National Bank of Poland aspires to educate the public on the history and role of money across the centuries, both in Poland and the world. This task can be achieved thanks to a new educational facility, whose final shape and operation will be determined by the competition just announced.

The competition is open to both Polish and foreign designers. Their task will be to design a Centre both modern and accessible to visitors of all ages. The centre should also meet the needs of the disabled – both in terms of room design and presentation of the exhibits, which can cater to special needs through use of modern technology.

The Money Centre will be located on the premises of the National Bank of Poland in Warsaw. The area of approx. 2000 square metres which has been designated for the purpose will span four storeys. These will accommodate, besides the numismatic collections of the NBP, items closely connected with money – from old machines and measuring equipment, through historical catalogues, books and pamphlets to modern devices used in production, counting and authentication of notes and coins. The exhibition will be arranged in the form of a path through the times, illustrating the history and significance of money in the world’s economy and people’s life.

It is envisaged that the exhibition can be accessed in several ways: visitors might look at it, read or listen to stories related to the exhibits, or participate in a virtual game. Owing to a special simulator, they could also observe the impact of a given monetary policy on the economy. The NBP wishes to engage visitors in a direct – one might say tangible – experience that would visualise, say, the operation of payment systems in general or payments made with virtual money – down to watching a cash machine count and pay out a requested amount.

A walk around this veritable “treasury of money” should help build up the visitors’ knowledge of money and convince them that the world of finance need not be feared – that which is known no longer inspires fear. Money used reasonably allows us substantial benefits and satisfaction.

The competition will be resolved in February 2011. Work may be submitted until 7 February 2011. It will be subsequently assessed by a jury chaired by Prof. Andrzej Rottermund (Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, representative of the Ministry of Culture). Jakub Skiba, member of the NBP Management Board will act as Deputy Chairman. Other members of the jury include: Prof. Małgorzata Zaleska (member of the NBP Management Board), Prof. Leszek Mądzik (a theatre artist, stage designer and photographer), Prof. Mariusz Mielczarek (archaeologist, President of the Polish Numismatic Association), Prof. Wojciech Morawski (head of Chair of Economic and Social History at the Warsaw School of Economics), Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz (President of the Polish Bank Association), Bogdan Romaniuk (NBP), Marcin Kaszuba (NBP), Dr Jarosław Robert Kudelski (NBP) and – proposed by the Office of the President of the Polish Republic – Radosław Jasiński (Polish-American Freedom Foundation) and Jan Ołdakowski (Director of the Warsaw Rising Museum).

There will be three prizes and three distinctions in the competition. The total value of the prizes will amount to 100, 000 złoty.

Further details of the competition are available on the website and in the "Rules of the competition for a concept of the exhibition of the NBP Money Centre”, which are available in the NBP.

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