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Polish Presidency of the EU Council on the NBP coins

Date: 01-07-2011

On Friday, 1 July 2011, for the first time in history Poland took over the Presidency of the EU Council. To commemorate this special event, the National Bank of Poland has issued occasional coins: a 100-złoty gold coin, a 10-złoty silver coin and a 2-złoty Nordic Gold coin. Prior to its issue date, the silver coin had been presented to the President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, at the meeting with NBP President Marek Belka.

The obverse of the gold coin depicts the outline of Europe and an image of the Eagle established as the Emblem of the Republic of Poland, surrounded with twelve stars. The reverse features the official logo of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, against a fragment of the EU flag, with two hands clasped in a handshake. The gold coin of the face value of 100 złoty and diameter of 21 mm has been struck in proof finish, in the volume of 4,000 coins.

The letter “e” against Polish flag whose one end morphs into the outline of Poland’s south-eastern border is the prime graphic element of the silver coin obverse. The reverse depicts the logo of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, which makes a reference to the tradition of the „Solidarity” movement. The logo is made in yellow, black, green, blue, orange and red paints. In the rim of the coin – twelve stars. The mintage of the silver coin of the face value of 10 złoty and diameter of 32 mm is 50,000 pieces.

Just as in the gold coin, the reverse of the 2 zloty coin depicts the logo of the Polish Presidency against a fragment of the EU flag, above which there are two hands clasped in a handshake. Silhouettes of two people holding their hands top up the image. The mintage of 2 złoty Nordic Gold coin of a diameter of 27 mm is 800,000 pieces. The coins were designed by Urszula Walerzak, and the traditional obverse of the 2 zloty coin with the Eagle – Ewa Tyc-Karpińska.

Bid offers for silver and gold coins „Poland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union” may be placed at the Kolekcjoner Internet auction system until 1 July 2011. Once the issue price is determined, the coins may also be bought at the Kolekcjoner online shop and at the cash desks of the NBP Regional Branches. Beginning from 1 July 2011, the 2 złoty coins may be bought at the nominal value at the cash desks of NBP Regional Branches.

All coins and notes issued by the NBP – including collector items – are legal tender in Poland.

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