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The percentage of banks tightening their lending policy is on the decrease

Date: 06-08-2012

NBP Report: In recent months banks have started to treat applications for loans from enterprises more favourably. They expect demand for all types of loans to rise in 2012 Q3.

On 6 August the National Bank of Poland published a quarterly report entitled ‘Senior loan officer opinion survey on bank lending practices and credit conditions.’ It presents changes in banks’ lending policy and demand for loans in 2012 Q2 as well as banks’ expectations for 2012 Q3. The survey was conducted at the end of June and the beginning of July among 29 banks with a total share of 83% in claims on enterprises and households in the banking sector portfolio.

Surveyed banks answered the question whether, and to what extent, they were changing standards of granting loans (customer’s minimum standards of creditworthiness) as well as the terms of granting loans (including spreads).

In 2012 Q2 the percentage of banks declaring tightening of credit conditions decreased. Banks cut spreads charged on loans to enterprises and moderated the terms for granting short-term loans in this segment. At the same time they registered increased demand for loans to enterprises, particularly long-term loans.

Banks declared that in 2012 Q3 they would continue to mitigate their policy with regard to short-term loans and that they expected a further increase in demand for loans to enterprises.

Banks continued to tighten terms of granting housing loans. However, the percentage of banks reporting such a stance decreased in comparison with the previous quarter. With respect to credit conditions, on the one hand banks increased the debtor’s own contribution and collateral requirements, on the other they lowered their spreads.

Answers with respect to lending policy on consumer loans were very heterogeneous – in net terms there was no significant change in credit conditions in 2012 Q2.

At the same time banks increased the maximum loan size of granted consumer loans. In 2012 Q3 a slight moderation of lending policy is expected, as well as a strong increase in demand for consumer loans.

Some of the surveyed banks indicated that the moderation of lending policy benefited mostly from mounting competitive pressure, and in the case of loans to enterprises for the first time for a year the banks indicated expectations concerning the future economic situation as a factor.

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