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Treasures of Stanisław August on NBP coins

Publication date: 11-03-2013

On 12 March 2013 the National Bank of Poland is going to launch a series of gold and silver collector coins “Treasures of Stanisław August” with the face values of 500 zł and 50 zł. The coins replicate the famous 18th century medallic series with the images of the kings of Poland, which was struck by order of Stanisław August Poniato­wski. The National Bank of Poland is going to issue the coins from the series several times a year.

Bolesław Chrobry is the first monarch commemorated on the coins – the first king of Poland from the Piasts dynasty, who created a powerful state and brought it onto the stage of European politics.

The coins, which have been made of the purest metal – 500-złoty gold coins (Au 999.9/1000) and 50-złoty silver coins (Ag 999/1000), on the reverse, feature a portrait of Bolesław Chrobry, which, due to lack of a true, historic depiction, is a work of imagination. The crown the monarch is wearing, in fact, presents the crown of Poland’s kings from a later period. The reverse of the coins shows an inscription in Latin: The first in Poland to be decorated with a royal crown, he, as the victor, delimited the borders of the state on the Elba , the Dnieper and the Ossa. Died in 1025 Anno Domini, aged 58, in the 33rd year of reign, on 3 April.

The coins will be put into circulation on 12 March 2013. mintage of the gold coins will not exceed 750 pieces, while the mintage of the silver coins – 5,000 pieces. At the on-line auctions held in the Kolekcjoner system on 25-28 February 2013, the price of the gold coin was set at PLN 13,610 and that of the silver coin at PLN 1,100.

More information on auctions, including images and descriptions of collector coins, can be found at the online service website: (in the Auctions tab) and (in the Banknotes and coins tab) at the address:

All coins issued by the NBP, including collector items, are legal tender in Poland.

The “Treasures of Stanisław August” series consists of 24 portraits of monarchs – of which 23 have been modelled on the original royal series, while the portrait of Stanisław August has been based on the medals from the period. The National Bank of Poland will issue the coins from the series several times a year.

  • The royal medals were struck at the Warsaw mint in the years 1791-1797/1798. They had been designed by two outstanding medallists: Jan Filip Holzhaeusser and Jan Jakub Reichel.
  • The design of the medals was based on the portraits painted between 1768 and 1771 by Marcello Bacciarelli for the Marble Room at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
  • The coins issued by the National Bank of Poland are faithful replicas of the medals, preserving the diameter (45mm) and the height of relief of the originals. This applies to the portraits of the kings on the reverses.
  • The obverses of coins – with the biographies of the kings – have been reduced in size as they are accompanied by the name of the state along the rim, the image of the state emblem, the face value and the year of issue. The images on the obverses have been designed by Robert Kotowicz.
  • The biographies of the monarchs and the inscriptions on the obverses of the medals accompanying the royal portraits are in Latin. Their final text editing was most likely done by King Stanisław August himself.
  • The names of the monarchs in Polish are presented on the sides of the coins, along with the name of the series “Treasures of Stanisław August”.
Treasures of King Stanislaw August – Boleslaw I the Brave Booklet (pdf)
Treasures of King Stanislaw August – Boleslaw I the Brave 500 zł
obversehigh resolution reversehigh resolution
Alloy Finish Dimensions Weight Mintage Date of issue
Au 999,9 standard Ø 45,00 62,20 g up to 750 12-03-2013
Treasures of King Stanislaw August – Boleslaw I the Brave 50 zł
obversehigh resolution reversehigh resolution
Alloy Finish Dimensions Weight Mintage Date of issue
Ag 999 standard Ø 45,00 62,20 g up to 5000 12-03-2013

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