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Governor of NBP Prof. Adam Glapiński winner of the main “Polski Kompas 2021” award

Date: 13-10-2021

Prof. Adam Glapiński has been honoured for the uncompromising, considered and effective decisions taken by Narodowy Bank Polski during the crisis, for the gold, whose holdings continue to grow in the bank’s vault, and for the independence and calm worthy of the country’s financial authority.

The Governor of NBP, Prof. Adam Glapiński received the award during the “Polski Kompas 2021” gala held in Warsaw on 12 October 2021. “Polski Kompas” statuettes are awarded by the editors of the “Gazeta Bankowa” magazine to enterprises and institutions strongly committed to developing the Polish economy, and persons representing the world of politics and economics.

This year the main ”Polski Kompas 2021” prize was awarded to Prof. Adam Glapiński for the “uncompromising, considered and effective decisions taken by the central bank during the crisis, for the gold, whose holdings continue to grow in the vault of Narodowy Bank Polski, and for the independence and calm worthy of the country’s financial authority”.

“Today, we are handing the Polski Kompas to the captain of the flagship of Polish economic life. This is a seasoned captain who has already proved that he can navigate the ship out of many a storm, avoiding many a reef and many a shoal,” said Michał Karnowski, a journalist of the weekly “Sieci” and a board member of the media group Fratria, when justifying the award. “We believe that Polski Kompas will show you, all of us and the bank the right way to success, the direction of good changes and the right route,” said Michał Karnowski, when congratulating the Governor of NBP.

The Governor of NBP, Prof. Adam Glapiński, thanked the organisers for the award on behalf of himself and the NBP staff and said: “This is a great honour, both for me and the whole crew of the ship called NBP – Narodowy Bank Polski.” In his speech, the Governor recalled the measures taken by NBP during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Polish state – the government and Narodowy Bank Polski – has spent around 200 billion zloty in response to the crisis. […] If the crisis had been twice as severe and had lasted twice as long, we would also have got by and we would also have prevented mass unemployment. […] Our possibilities are really big, the country’s economic situation is good although the economic situation of the world and Europe is becoming increasingly difficult,” said Professor Glapiński.

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