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Self-service coin deposit devices

Self-service coin deposit devices

Regional branches of Narodowy Bank Polski offer their clients access to self-service coin deposit devices.

The machines are available for use during the regional branches’ working hours, i.e. Monday to Friday from 8.00 am. to 2.00 pm. The devices are located in the client-accessible part of the branches’ operating rooms. The list of the addresses of NBP Regional Branches is available at the website: Branches

The devices make it possible to smoothly exchange large numbers of coins into banknotes of the desired high denominations. A coin exchange operation starts with the client placing mixed-denomination coins of 1 gr to 5 zł at the device coin tray. After the completion of the coin acceptance and counting process, the client may either make a withdrawal (in required denominations) of the equivalent of the funds accepted by the device at the cash desk of the bank branch or transfer the amount equivalent to the deposited coins to his or her bank account, using the BLIK system functionality implemented in all the devices.
The client’s account is credited through the BLIK system and the operation is possible for amounts ranging from PLN 0.11 to PLN 2,000. Currently the above mentioned BLIK system functionality is available to the customers of the following banks: Pekao S.A., VeloBank S.A., and Nest Bank. Work is ongoing to expand the list of banks that will offer their customers the possibility to use the BLIK system functionality implemented in the self-service devices.

The machines make it possible to exchange an unlimited number of Polish general circulation coins (except for collector coins and 2 zł Nordic Gold coins). It should be emphasised that for the smooth and fault-free operation of the device the coins to be deposited in it should be clean, dry and free from any external objects (e.g. paper clips, pads, tokens, buttons, etc.).

The service of coins exchange is targeted at individual clients and is supposed to facilitate the use of coins held. Therefore, coin exchange operations up to the total amount of PLN 5,000 made within 30 calendar days from the day of the initial exchange are free of charge (the 30-day count includes the day of the initial exchange). Above this threshold, all further operations bear a fee of 5%, not less than 5 zł. In addition to that, when the Polish currency exchange transaction at the cash desk or using the self-service coin deposit device exceeds the amount of PLN 2,000, there arises an obligation on the part of the client to give personal data and show the ID to the bank teller. The above obligation also binds clients who make recurring operations of Polish currency exchange for a total amount not exceeding PLN 2,000. If you have any questions or need any clarification, please contact designated employees of Narodowy Bank Polski.

The attached photos of a self-service coin deposit device used in NBP regional branches show the process of coin exchange by the device.

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