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Exchange of worn out or damaged banknotes and coins

Worn out or damaged banknotes and coins of Narodowy Bank Polski (NBP) can be exchanged for new ones at the cash desks of any bank operating within the territory of the Republic of Poland. A branch of any bank is obliged to exchange worn out or damaged banknotes of the Polish currency if they are not a counterfeit and their authenticity does not raise suspicion and their features make it possible to recognize their face value, including banknotes that are frayed, torn, taped, broken, excessively soiled, stained, discoloured or damaged in any other way. Banknotes damaged in any other way are accepted by bank branches and sent to NBP for exchange.

In order to facilitate the exchange of worn out or damaged Polish banknotes for customers, Narodowy Bank Polski, as of October 1, 2020 has adopted a solution enabling individuals to send their application together with worn out or damaged Polish banknotes (whose value does not exceed PLN, 2 000) by post or by courier service to the following address:

Cash and Issue Department, NBP
ul. Świętokrzyska 11/21,
00-919, Warsaw, Poland,
with the annotation “DES-wymiana” (Polish for DES-exchange) on the parcel.

It is recommended that banknotes sent for exchange purposes are enclosed to the application inside of a sealed envelope.

The Application form required by the exchange procedure is set by the Ordinance No. 31/2013 of the Governor of Narodowy Bank Polski of 17 December 2013 on detailed principles and procedures concerning the exchange of banknotes and coins which have ceased to be legal tender in the Republic of Poland as a result of wear and tear or damage. The reimbursement of the equivalent of the banknotes that are subject to the exchange will be transferred to the account indicated in the application by the individual sending the banknotes for exchange purpose.

Questions regarding the exchange of worn out or damaged banknotes or/and requests concerning the exchange application provided, should be sent to the following e-mail address:

General principles of the exchange

Under the ordinance of the Governor of NBP, banks are required to exchange a worn out banknote on the condition that more than 45% of the original surface of the banknote is left in one piece and the banknote’s value can be recognized.

A banknote with 45 to 75 percent of its original surface will be exchanged for half of its face value.

A banknote with more than 75% of its original surface and a banknote that is torn or stained will be exchanged for its full face value.

The general rule with regard to worn out or damaged coins is that the coins and their components (core and ring) with a mechanical damage will be subject to exchange.

Specific rules for the replacement

The detailed rules concerning the exchange of worn out or damaged banknotes and coins are specified in the Ordinance of the Governor of NBP No. 31/2013.

Official form to be filled in for the money exchange procedure:

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