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The mission of NBP as an institution supporting Poland's economic development includes activities aimed at disseminating knowledge about economics and the principles of market economy, as well as promoting entrepreneurship.

The NBP Economics Education Programme has been created in order to support and promote various economics education initiatives implemented by, for example, schools, universities, libraries, non-governmental organisations, media and training institutions. The target group of the NBP's education activities consists of young people - secondary school and university students - and also those who disseminate knowledge themselves as part of their profession - teachers, journalists and NGO workers. When implementing its educational projects, the NBP cooperates with many institutions and organisations, e.g. the National In-Service Teacher Training Center, the National Library, the Junior Achievement Foundation, the Educational Enterprise Foundation, the Center for Citizenship Education, Reuters Poland and the Polish Journalists Association.

  • The NBPortal - Economics Education Portal has been launched (www.nbportal.pl). The objectives of the NBPortal include the dissemination and broadening of knowledge about economics and the economy, as well as support for other educational activities of NBP. Access to the resources of the portal is free. They include information on current developments in the Polish economy, macroeconomic analyses and expert assessments, multimedia e-learning courses, teaching aids, decision quizzes and games related to the subject of economics, as well as a virtual library including electronic versions of scientific publications and a dictionary of economic terms.

  • A national essay competition on economics, which is targeted at lower and upper secondary school students, attracts more than 500 students from all parts of Poland each year.

  • The "Economics and You" competition is targeted at students who take part in economics-related workshops, training courses, seminars or conferences organised by district libraries during school holidays.

  • The "Everyday Economics" programme extends and supplements the lower secondary school economics syllabus. Teachers take part in training courses and receive a set of teaching materials, while students get an opportunity to develop practical skills, which will enable them to function better within the market economy.

  • Each year, NBP grants the Władysław Grabski Award to journalists - authors of valuable articles, radio and TV programmes that contribute to enhancing the public's knowledge of economics.

  • Numerous institutions and organisations with the required professional and technical capabilities as well as experience in providing training develop interesting projects and are able to reach many social groups. NBP organises annual open grant competition targeted at them in order to provide funding for economics education projects.

  • NBP is one of the most important sponsors of the Bridge Scholarship Programme. Talented young people from rural areas and small towns, especially the children of parents who formerly worked at state-owned farms, receive scholarships during their first year of full-time university studies, facilitating their access to university education.

  • The NBP's website (www.nbp.pl) is a source of quick information for Internet users from various backgrounds. Its main purpose is to provide information about NBP, presenting the official position of the Bank's management and the publication of statistical data and analyses. The website is divided into several sections devoted to specific subjects.

  • Narodowy Bank Polski issues numerous publications. The majority of almost 30 titles are periodicals (yearbooks, quarterlies and monthlies), published mostly in Polish and in English. The publications can be accessed from the NBP website and from the Economics Education Portal. They are usually also available as hard copy.

A detailed list of NBP publications together with short descriptions is included at the end of this Guide.

NBP interest rates

Reference rate 6.75
Lombard rate 7.25
Deposit rate 6.25
Rediscount rate 6.80
Discount rate 6.85

Exchange rates

Table of 2022-12-09
1 EUR4.6821
1 USD4.4351
1 CHF4.7474
1 GBP5.4317
100 JPY3.2560

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