The NBP's training centre in Starawieś


The NBP's training centre in Starawieś near Węgrów is situated only 80 km away from Warsaw. It is located in a neo-gothic palace surrounded by a 28-hectare park. All the amenities, as a Park - Palace complex, constitute a historical site.

Narodowy Bank Polski intends to render the centre available for organizing training sessions, meetings, symposia, etc. at times when it is not used for the purposes related to the pursuance of the NBP's activity.

We present this information in anticipation of being contacted with a view to establishing collaboration concerning the use of our training centre with the governmental institutions or local government administration, banks and other state offices, institutions or organizations as well as corporations.


The palace in Starawieś has witnessed several centuries of history, received celebrities, who - in different ways - have gone down in the history of Poland.

The construction of the residence was commenced at the end of the 15th century. Starawieś, a part of the Węgrów estate, became then the property of a famous aristocratic Lithuanian family of the Radziwiłłs. The estate was devolved on the successors in the family, i.a. Bogusław Radziwiłł, who extended and modernized it in the 17th century. In 1664, together with all the estate of Węgrów, the buildings were sold to Jan Kazimierz Krasiński, Grand Treasurer of the Crown.

As a result of succession and marriages, the list of palace owners in the subsequent years included such families as: the Świdzińskis, the Ossolińskis and the Jezierskis. In 1840, as a dowry of Maria Jezierska, the estate became the property of Prince Sergey Golitsyn, who redecorated the palace, giving it a shape typical of the English residences of the Elizabethan period. The changes were also introduced to the interior and made to the design by Professor Bolesław Paweł Podczaszyński. In 1879, the palace was returned to the Krasińskis, next it became the property of Aleksander Gerlicz, who sold the estate to the Radziwiłłs in 1912.

During World War 2 the estate was devastated. After the war, the palace became the property of the State. In 1966, the administration over the palace was taken by Narodowy Bank Polski, which from 1972 till 1979 performed the renovation of the building, restoring it to its former beauty. The estate was used as a holiday centre, next as a training and holiday centre. Following the redecoration of the building - which lasted from 1999 till 2001, the palace has fulfilled the function of a training centre.


The centre features 27 air-conditioned single rooms, including one room specially adjusted for the disabled. Additional cots may be provided in three rooms, thereby making it possible to take 30 guests at one time.

All the rooms have a separate bath room, a TV set and a telephone.


We provide a full board service. The menu is prepared on an individual basis and submitted to the organizers of trainings and conferences for approval. We take account of all your suggestions as regards the selection of meals and we make our utmost effort to ensure that the catering offer satisfies your expectations both in terms of taste and the aesthetics of service.

Representative halls

At the disposal of our guests, there are the following stylish halls full of ambience and elegance:

  • Hunters' Hall - a lecture room which may seat 36 people. Equipped with training facilities: a computer, OHP multimedia, a screen, flipcharts, a TV-set, DVD, VHS, internet access,
  • Raspberry Hall - adjacent to the Hunters' Hall, is a place where the participants of training sessions and conferences are offered the full buffet service during breaks,
  • While Hall - is also used as a dining room, it may seat 52 people at one time,
  • Library (meeting hall) - for 14 people,
  • Fireplace Hall,
  • Club Hall (bridge hall)

Additional highlights

The holiday centre offers much more than its beautiful and comfortable interiors.

Free time may be spent walking along the avenues of the neatly kept park, relaxing in a summer house, at the pond or by the fountain. With a bit of luck, it is possible to spot white storks and peacocks, which permanently reside there, or even a hare or deer.

The offer for people who like to spend time actively includes bicycles, tennis courts, boats and a volleyball pitch.

Our guests may also use a large, roofed, barbecue spot and a specially assigned spot for a bonfire. On a special request, open air meeting may be enriched with a concert of a regional, folk band. On the premises, there is also a café in the basement.


Further information on the centre and on the terms and conditions of using it and booking the places may be obtained from the manager of the training centre, Ms. Aneta Stoszewska

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