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The study on “Payment habits in Poland in 2020” is the third in a series of studies carried out by Narodowy Bank Polski aimed at analysing how retail payment transactions in Poland are performed. The main objective of the presented study was to identify the extent of usage and characteristics of payment methods used by Polish residents to meet the needs of everyday life. Payment habits change constantly, therefore updating knowledge in this area is essential for the planning and conducting central bank activities related to the organisation of payments in Poland. Additional tasks put before this study was to find out the current ratio of bank account ownership in Poland as well as check facts, attitudes and opinions associated with cash and cashless transactions.

This report presents selected key findings of this very comprehensive study. It focuses mainly on the results of the diary survey, as well as on the results of the questionnaire survey which relate to basic indicators of account ownership and consumer financial inclusion as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on payment habits. The publication of the full report is scheduled for the turn of 2021/2022.

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Discount rate 6.10

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Table of 2022-07-05
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1 CHF4.7641
1 GBP5.5334
100 JPY3.3822

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